Best things to do in Narooma

Narooma has an amazing local culture and history that tourists absolutely love. As one of the more popular tourist destinations in the region, it hosts many events year round and is a great destination for families of all ages and groups of all sizes. Consider booking a professionally-run tour group to take advantage of the most easy way to get around the city during the crowded summer months. You are generally able to book a lot of activities at once with package deals ahead of time to avoid paying unnecessarily high fees, so you’ll have plenty of things to do in Narooma. Whether you’re looking to visit the area for amazing art galleries, restaurants and entertainment, horseback riding, whale watching, or another indoor or outdoor activity, get excited, as there is much to do.

Check with the local tourism board to find the most current calendar of events in Narooma, as this will provide you with the most updated information in regards to what is going on in the city.